Hey there.

I’ll come straight to the point because there is work to do.

Some of us like what we do at work. Some of us don’t. However, whichever is the case, we can usually get more done in a much lesser time. The reason why we don’t work faster are likely due to the following reasons:

  1. We don’t realise we are doing unnecessary processes, especially manual processes that can be easily automated with the most common work tools.
  2. We don’t want to change how we do what we do.

The above two reasons are not the only reasons for sure, but they are enough reasons to argue about the need to be more productive. For some, being more productive means that they can pack more things in their already cluttered work life. While I won’t judge, I don’t personally agree that this is the best way to work (or live).

I create this site because I first want to eliminate unnecessary and often not fun stuff that I need to do to achieve an objective. Stuff like sending personalised email to 100 recipients because a bcc-approach mass mail will often send my message right into the recipients’ Junk folder. Stuff like needing to spend more time than I think I should, to put together a quotation to a customer, and yet be exposed to the risk of human error because I miss a zero, or forgot to include a cell on the spreadsheet.

I want to eliminate unnecessary manual processes.

And to me, this is not because I can therefore cram more things in my to-do list (or lists). Maybe I get a little motivation in enjoying 30 more minutes at coffee break, but it is so that I can un-clutter my mind, get better quality results in my work, and breathe better.

At this point of writing, I’m not so sure yet where this blog will be heading to. Please pardon what might seem now to be shoddy explanations – I will get better.

I hope that the contents that I build here will be useful to you, and that you can relate to right away. And please feel free to comment and share your ideas too.

All righty then. Let’s get down to work.

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